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what to use as chicken bedding

What to Use as Chicken Bedding

Chicken bedding, sometimes referred to as litter,  is material that is placed on the chicken floor coop to aid in absorbing moisture from chicken droppings, and provide a cushion for chickens and a soft surface for eggs to drop. It will…

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Why are my chickens limping?

Why are My Chickens Limping?

Limping in chickens can be caused by a myriad of factors including injuries, diseases, pests and other physiological factors. It is possible to prevent these issues and also deal with them when they occur. In this article, we take a close…

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Do Baby Chicken Need Light at Night?

Most people understand that baby chicks require warmth to survive the first few days of their lives. However, most backyard chicken keepers are curious about the role of light in raising day-old chicks.  They wonder if it’s necessary to provide light…

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