Polystead (polystead.com) is a website established by a backyard(homestead) poultry enthusiast, James with aim of providing a one-stop database of poultry breeds of the world. 

The Polystead provides a searchable catalog of all poultry breeds in one place. From Indigenous to exotic breeds. From Pets to Commercial Breeds. At the poultry zone. you will find all the information you need about all manner of poultry.

The articles and projects on The Polystead are carefully checked for quality, to ensure that you get the most recent and accurate information. 


I was born in a family that practiced subsistence farming. Early in life, my parents taught us how to appreciate the land and animals that give us food. 

I started this website as a means to catalog my long-time passion – poultry. My aim to provide a searchable catalog of all poultry breeds in one place alongside useful content on growing food in your backyard, homestead, and small farm.