Do chickens need light at night? Supplemental Lighting for chickens.

When I was constructing my chicken coop, I didn’t make any provision for artificial Lighting.  This is because I did not see the need at the time. Since it is time to install one, I am looking at the different discussions around the need for artificial lighting in the chicken coop.  The concept of supplemental […]

Do automatic chicken doors work? An In-depth look at automated coop doors

With an automatic chicken door, you do not have to worry about your chickens getting out of the coop in the morning and getting locked in the evening.  They will be securely locked in at night and automatically let out in the morning when the automatic chicken doors open according to the time you have […]

Can Heat Kill Chickens? 15 Creative Ways of Keeping Chickens Cool in Summer.

During my early days of keeping chickens, I noticed my chickens’ wings were droopy and they had their mouths open. There were panting. Initially, I thought they might be sick. I called a friend who informed me that that is the way chickens behave when it is too hot.  When it is hot, human beings […]

Can my backyard chickens get salmonella?

Salmonella is a type of bacteria related to food poisoning in form of a disease called salmonellosis. It affects the intestinal tract of humans, chickens, and other poultry and mammals in general. According to a July 2010 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report, humans can become infected with the Salmonella bacteria after eating […]

How does a Chicken Plucker Work?

As I was growing up, I never saw chicken being scalded. Never witnessed chicken being plucked using mechanical pluckers.  My grandmother, together with my mother would hold the chicken, and pluck it very fast before it lost its body heat. As long as the chicken was warm, the feathers would come out with little resistance. […]

Backyard Chicken Processing Equipment

I have been processing my own chickens for a while now. Along the way, I have learned that to make the process easy for you and your chickens, it is good to have the right chicken processing equipment.   This will not only make the butchering process shorter but also leave you with some energy to […]

Stinky chicken coop and how to keep your coop and run smelling fresh

All around the world, every animal keeper has to deal with the smell of animal droppings. Chicken being no exception, can generate a whole lot of awful smells that might even land you in trouble with your neighbors. You do not have to struggle to hold your breath every time you enter a stinky chicken […]

Choosing the right type of chicken fencing. A detailed guide.

Choosing the right type of chicken fencing can be a matter of life and death for your chickens. The type of chicken fence selected should be able to serve the purpose of protecting your chicken, while at the same time controlling their movements.  Sometimes a combination of different chicken fencing materials is used, taking advantage […]

10 Quiet chickens to keep in your backyard without annoying your neighbors

When I first started keeping chickens in my backyard, I always wondered if the neighbors would come complaining about the noise.  One of the major concerns for any aspiring backyard chicken keeper is noise. Noise from chickens can be a nuisance in urban and suburban areas. In some localities, there are laws that keep urban […]