Cameras for the chicken coop and run

Types of Cameras of the Chicken Coop and Run

Security for your coop and run are of uttermost importance. You will want to know if any predator is trying to break into the chicken coop. Since you cannot be there all the time, you will need to install a security camera.

Cameras in the coop and run are not only for security but also to help in monitoring the welfare of your chickens.

The decision to get a camera in my coop was that one morning I woke and the cockerels were not crowing. The usual commission of roosters doing their thing with hens in the morning was not there. To cut the long story short, predators in the name of thieves had gotten into the coop and carried away most of my chickens. 

Why Do You Need Cameras in Your Chicken Coop and Run? 

There are several reasons one would need cameras in their chicken coops and runs. These include:

  • Keeping Chickens Safe From Predators. 
  • Helps Discover Bad Habits of Chickens Early Enough
  • Monitor the Welfare of your Chickens
  • Spend Virtual Time with your Chickens

Keeping Chickens Safe From Predators.

One of the greatest risks for chickens is predators. They will try to get into the chicken coops to eat chickens and eggs. Monitoring the coop and run will help you know what you are up against. It will also assist in making your coop predator-proof. This is because predators know how to find weak areas where they can get in. If you notice a predator is hanging around one corner of the coop, chances that it has discovered a weak point that it can use to get in. 

Helps Discover Bad Habits of Chickens Early Enough.

Chickens can develop bad habits that you may not catch in time. Unless you hang around the coop throughout. A camera in the coop and run will assist in monitoring how your chickens are interacting. You will be able to catch dangerous traits such as bullying, cannibalism, eating of eggs, and aggression. 

A while ago, I lost a chicken due to overcrowding in the nesting box. If I had a camera in the coop, I would have noticed that some chickens were crowding in one nesting box and some were putting their heads in some opening in the corner of the nest box. One chicken got hurt and died when its neck got stuck in the opening.  If I had known this early enough, I would have covered the holes. 

Monitor the Welfare of Your Chickens.

Healthy chickens are active and jovial. Diseases and pests will make them behave differently. A camera in the coop and run will help monitor how the chickens are fairing. 

You might not notice changes in behavior each time you visit the coop, since the chickens will be excited to see you. And of course, they know you will give them feed and treats. It might be too late by the time you notice that your chickens are scratching a lot or weak. A camera in the coop will help you know if your chickens are sick or infested with pests early enough so that you can take remedial action before the situation worsens. 

Spend Virtual Time with your Chickens

We are getting busier by the day. With automated chicken feeders, drinkers, rollaway nest boxes, and coop doors, it can take a week or two before we visit the coop. A camera in the coop and run will help you spend some time with your chickens, even when you are away. This is true for cameras with mobile applications that can be accessed from anywhere. 

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