can chicken eat zucchini?

Can chicken eat zucchini?

We keep backyard chickens for meat, eggs, and companionship. With this in mind, our main concern is if chickens are eating the right kind of feed and treats. 

One of the questions that comes up now and then is whether zucchini is safe for chickens. Is it safe to feed zucchini leaves, seeds, flowers, and peels to chickens? How should you feed them?  

Below we address this and more questions and cover tips on the best way to add zucchini to your chicken feeds.

Can chicken eat zucchini?

Zucchini is a superb choice for your chicken food because it offers several health benefits to your chickens.  They will love it. Chicken requires variation in their diet, and that’s why incorporating zucchini into their diet is crucial. 

What is zucchini?

It’s easy to mistake zucchini for cucumbers because they have numerous visual similarities, including the color, shape, and sometimes size. Zucchini is a fruit, but most people mistake it for a vegetable because of its green color. It is a summer squash harvested before they are ripe so that you can eat the skin while it’s soft and edible. 

With its rich sweet-bitter flavor, Zucchini can be served to chickens when raw or cooked. Cooked Zucchini is sweeter than raw Zucchini. Your chickens will love it either way. 

Nutritional benefits of zucchini to chickens

Zucchini is a fantastic organic food for both humans and animals.

Most fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of nutrients, and humans and chickens should eat them regularly. 

Zucchini has numerous healthy compounds, including minerals, vitamins, water, fiber, and many more that would be beneficial to chickens.

  • Antioxidants:  repair free radicals, prevent future damage, anti-inflammatory properties, lower blood pressure, improve heart health and help with tissue, skin, and feathers development.
  • Vitamin A: helps with respiratory, skin, eye, and digestive health
  • Carbohydrates: provides energy
  • Fiber: helps with digestion

The vitamins in zucchinis are excellent because they support circulation, a healthier and improved immune system. This will help your chickens fight off diseases. 

With about 95 percent water content zucchini and high fiber content, zucchini help enhances digestion and reduces the chances of dehydration even when they run out of water. It makes a great hydration snack in the heat of summer. 

Zucchini also serves as an organic de-wormer for your birds. This is because it contains some cucurbitacin that can assist in incapacitating worms in the chicken’s body.

How often should you feed chickens Zucchini?

Chickens get bored of the same treatment all the time. The recommended amount to feed your chicken is one serving weekly so that they do not grow tired of it. 

Is Zucchini safe for chickens? 

Zucchini does not contain any compounds that would be harmful to your precious flock. 

If you are growing zucchini in your backyard, you need to watch out for the levels of cucurbitacins. Cucurbitacin is a biochemical found in Zucchini and other plants. It is safe and beneficial for your chickens if taken in small quantities but can be harmful if consumed in large amounts. 

The do-it-yourself test for the level of cucurbitacin in Zucchini is simple. Check for the levels of bitterness. If it is too bitter then the levels of cucurbitacin are high. Such Zucchini should not be fed to chickens. 

Can chickens eat zucchini leaves, seeds, peels, and flowers?

Yes, you can feed your chicken the zucchini leaves,  seeds. flowers and peels.  

The entire zucchini plant is safe for your chicken to eat.

Most people stick with just the fruit, but you can rest assured that there is no harm if they eat the plant. 

It is safe for them to consume but be cautious because the rest of the plant and especially the leaves may contain higher levels of cucurbitacin.

Chickens particularly enjoy the seeds of zucchini

Best way to feed chicken zucchini

Feeding your chicken with zucchini is not a complicated process.

Feeding raw zucchini to chickens

  1. Wash Zucchini

Store-bought zucchini should be washed well so as to remove any pesticide residues. If you are growing organic zucchini in your garden, you can give it to your chickens without cleaning it. 

2. Cut Zucchini Horizontally

Horizontally cut the zucchini into two halves, Divide your zucchini in half and give your chicken as it is. Chickens will eat the inner flesh, seeds, and a bit of the skin. 

Zucchini Scraps for chickens

If you are feeding zucchini scraps, make sure they are not stale or moldy and are still edible. Ideally feed chickens the same quality of zucchini that you would eat.

Zucchini Chicken Salad

Mixing zucchini with other fruits and vegetable is a great way of giving chickens a balanced diet. When combining zucchini with other fruits and vegetables, dice them into manageable chunks and mix them with the other chunks of vegetables and fruits. 

Can Chicken eat cooked Zucchini?

Cooked zucchini can be fed to chickens, but the best is raw zucchini. This is because their beaks can easily break raw zucchini, unlike the soft cooked zucchini which splatter on their beak and faces.

If you are growing zucchini for your chickens, let them get more mature as this increases the quantity of flash and seeds. 


Zucchini is safe and suitable for your chicken if fed properly in the recommended rations. Watch out for the levels of bitterness as this might indicate high levels of  cucurbitacin, which can be harmful to your chickens

 You can include zucchini in the list of the food treats that you can feed your chicken safely.

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