How to Use Sweet PDZ in the Chicken Coop and Run

One of the challenges I faced when I started keeping chickens was the odor. When I got my first chicks, I put up the brooder in the house. I did not know that the smell would be so awful. After 3 days, I had to relocate the brooder. We could not stand the nauseating odor. 

Chickens also face the same challenge as we did. The smell of ammonia from a stinky chicken coop, whether deep litter or any other method, can be harmful to your chickens. If can smell ammonia, then your chickens are having a hard time. Ammonia damages their respiratory system. 

I did research on the way of controlling the odor and one of the best I came across was using Sweet PDZ, a Zeolite-based coop refresher.

What is Sweet PDZ?

Sweet PDZ is a brand name of a coop refresher that is made of zeolite. Zeolite, also known as clinoptilolite, is a naturally occurring organic substance mined from volcanic soils. It is used as an absorbing agent in horse stalls and chicken coops, absorbing urine and moisture from chicken droppings. It absorbs the ammonia in chicken droppings.

This leads to a fresh-smelling coop. Chickens will also be protected from the damage that is caused by inhaling ammonia gas. 

Sweet PDZ can be used to absorb moisture from any animal droppings. It is safe for use with chickens, dogs, cats, goats, ducks, rabbits, and any other animal you may want to keep in your backyard.

Infact food-grade zeolite powder, sold as a supplement for human consumption is used for detoxification. This means that it is Sweet PDZ is safe when eaten by chickens.

How Sweet PDZ Works

Sweet PDZ works by adsorbing and absorbing gases and liquids. It does not only “suck” liquids (absorb) and gases, but also binds (adsorb) their molecules to itself. This is what makes it very good at doing its job. 

Chicken droppings contain Ammonium, which is turned into dangerous Ammonia as it interacts with moisture and liquids in the coop. 

Sweet PDZ absorbs moisture and liquids and adsorbs any ammonia in the coop. This means when you are cleaning ut the coop, you leave no ammonium residue behind. This makes Sweet PDZ a good alternative to perfumes and fresheners, which hide the odor instead of dealing with it once and for all.

Is Sweet PDZ Compostable?

One of the questions chicken keepers ask is if Sweet PDZ is compostable. Users want to know if after clearing Zeolite from the chicken coop or chicken run, they can throw it in the compost bin.

They do not want to mess up the composting process or put compost on their backyard gardens that are not suitable for their plants.

The short answer is YES. Sweet PDZ is compostable. Actually, it helps in the composting process and provides nutrients to your plants. 

Research (Hajar et al, 2019) has shown that the use of Zeolite, the ingredient that makes up Sweet PDZ helps speed up the organic solid waste composting process from 3 to 7 months time period to just 21 days.  Zeolite helps improve the microbial activity in the compost and reduces salinity. 

This leads to better quality compost that reduces soil compaction and improves aeration. Your garden plants will be happy with compost that contains Zeolite.

How Much does Sweet PDZ Cost?

Before we look at how to use Sweet PDZ in your chicken coop, let us look at the cost and how you can cut on the costs. Sweet PDZ comes in different packaging for use in clearing odor in horse stalls, chicken coops, and pets. The horse stall and chicken coop Sweet PDZ come in powder form or in pellets, in different packaging respectively. 

The powder form of Sweet PDZ is for quick action because it starts absorbing and adsorbing immediately. The pellet form works slower but does not cause dust in the chicken coop.

At the time of writing the costs of Sweet PDZ are:

Sweet PDZ NameWeightPellets/PowderPrice at the time of writingPrice per lbCurrent price
Sweet PDZ coop refresher 10 lbs10 lbsPowder$17.99$1.79See Pricing on Amazon
Sweet PDZ pure pellets poultry beddings, 20 lbs20 lbsPellets$25.21$0.79See Pricing on Amazon
Sweet PDZ Horse Stall Refresher Granular. 40 lbs 40 lbsPellets/Granules $19.87$0.49See Pricing on Amazon
Sweet PDZ Horse Stall Refresher Powder. 40 lbs 40 lbsPowder$21.95$0.5See Pricing on Amazon
Sweet PDZ Healthy World Pet Deodorizer, 3.5 lbs3.5 lbsPowder $13.95$3.9See Pricing on Amazon
Sweet PDZ price comparison. Scroll horizontally on mobile devices to see the full table

Sweet PDZ Powder and Pellets Price Comparison

As you can see from the table above, the price for sweet PDZ is different for the different packaging and uses. Some chicken keepers prefer buying the Sweet PDZ Horse Stall refresher for use in their chicken coops. This is because the content is the same – Zeolite and at the end of the day, they do the same job. 

Sweet PDZ Powder or Sweet PDZ Pellets in the Chicken Coop?

The pellet or granular form of Sweet PDZ is preferred for chicken coops because it does not produce dust, which can be harmful to the respiratory systems of chickens. 

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