The Benefits of Housing Your Chickens in a Treed Area.

The Benefits of Housing Your Chickens in a Treed Area.

As a chicken owner, you may be wondering if it’s okay to have your coop, run, or pen in a treed area. The short answer is yes! In fact, having trees around your coop can be beneficial for your feathered friends. In this article, we’ll dive deeper into why it’s okay to have your chicken set up in a treed area and what you need to keep in mind.

Benefits of Having a Treed Area

One of the main benefits of having your coop in a treed area is shade. Chickens can easily overheat in the summer, and a shaded area can help keep them cool and prevent heatstroke. If your chickens are too hot, they may stop laying eggs or even become ill.

In addition to providing shade, trees can also provide a natural source of entertainment for your chickens. They can use the branches to perch on or scratch in the dirt around the roots. Trees can also attract insects and other creatures that your chickens may enjoy snacking on.

Another benefit of having trees around your coop is that they can provide a natural windbreak. This can be especially helpful during the winter months when the wind can make it feel much colder than it actually is.

Considerations for Your Treed Chicken Setup

While having a treed area for your chicken setup can be beneficial, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Firstly, you’ll want to make sure the trees aren’t too close to your coop. Overhanging branches can provide predators like raccoons or owls with easy access to your chickens. You’ll want to make sure there’s enough space between the branches and your coop or run to prevent any unwelcome visitors.

Secondly, you’ll want to keep an eye on any fallen branches or debris. Strong winds or storms can cause branches to fall, which can be dangerous for your chickens. Make sure to regularly check for any hazards and remove them as needed.

Lastly, it’s important to consider the type of trees in the area. Certain trees can be toxic to chickens if ingested. For example, avocado trees contain a toxin called persin that can be deadly to chickens. Make sure to research the types of trees in your area and their potential hazards.


In conclusion, having your coop in a treed area is perfectly fine and can even be beneficial for your chickens. The shade provided by trees can help keep them cool in the summer, while the branches can provide a source of entertainment. However, it’s important to keep in mind the potential hazards of overhanging branches, fallen debris, and toxic trees. With proper planning and maintenance, a treed area can provide a safe and enjoyable environment for your feathered friends.

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