Why are My Chickens Limping?

Limping in chickens can be caused by a myriad of factors including injuries, diseases, pests and other physiological factors. It is possible to prevent these issues and also deal with them when they occur. In this article, we take a close look at why your chickens might be limping, We will not stop there, we […]

Can Chicken Coops be used for Ducks

You have kept chicken for a while and are wondering if you can use your chicken coop for ducks.  You might be wanting to have chickens and ducks live together in the same coop or you can use an extra coop for ducks.  Chicken coops can be used for ducks but some conditions have to […]

How to Fix Muddy Chicken Coop Runs

I set up a run for my chickens so that they can move around in safety and without destroying my garden. All was well until the rains fell. As the rains fell, the chicken run became soggy and muddy. It was so bad that I had to wear gumboots when going to collect eggs from […]

Do Baby Chicken Need Light at Night?

Most people understand that baby chicks require warmth to survive the first few days of their lives. However, most backyard chicken keepers are curious about the role of light in raising day-old chicks.  They wonder if it’s necessary to provide light for their precious baby chicks or not and if they do, for how long?  […]

What to Do When Your Hens Reach End of Lay

Hens do not lay eggs forever.  They have their peak productive years and then they start laying sporadically or stop laying at all. At this point, you need to decide what to do when your chickens stop laying eggs.  Backyard chickens are productive for the first two to three years. Should you let them stay […]

How to Wash backyard chickens eggs

To wash or not to wash eggs? While this is a closed question with a yes or no answer, The issue of washing eggs has been discussed since modernity. The yes camp, backed by regulations in countries like the United States insists that eggs have to be washed, while the No camp, backed by regulations […]

Why are my hens pulling out feathers of other hens?

Back in their wild days, chickens interacted differently with their surroundings and each other. They lived an active live with different experiences. The wild environment helped them deal with stress. They did not live in closed quarters but ran around free and wild.  With the onset of domesticated chickens, stress levels increased due to being […]

Can chicken eat zucchini?

We keep backyard chickens for meat, eggs, and companionship. With this in mind, our main concern is if chickens are eating the right kind of feed and treats.  One of the questions that comes up now and then is whether zucchini is safe for chickens. Is it safe to feed zucchini leaves, seeds, flowers, and […]

Is it safe to eat eggs from backyard chickens?

More people are becoming more concerned about how food is grown and handled. There is also the shift towards self-sufficiency with the aim of producing and preserving food.   Raising backyard chickens is one of the many ways for those in urban areas to have some level of control over their food.  But with so many […]

Clipping Chicken Wings. Is it Necessary?

I first heard of clipping wings when I had issues with my chickens jumping out of their 5 foot high fenced chicken run. They would literary fly out of their run to freedom.  They would happily decimate my garden.  I contemplated clipping their wings. In the beginning, I thought it was a cruel inhumane practice. […]

How to Keep Backyard Chickens Quiet

Raising backyard chicken is a great activity that provides a steady egg supply and creates a pleasant rural setting atmosphere in an urban backyard.  Unfortunately, chickens can be quite loaded and can cause problems with neighbors. Below we look at the steps you can implement to reduce the noise made by chickens. Why do Chickens […]

Are Backyard Chickens Legal in Texas?

Raising backyard chickens in Texas is a popular activity, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic that taught us the importance of being self-sufficient.  Chickens require little maintenance, and they are a great source of food and entertainment when stuck at home.  However, there are several restrictions on keeping backyard chickens in Texas, and they change from […]

Plymouth Rock Chicken Breed Characteristics

Docile, gentle, hardy and good sitters, Plymouth Rock Chickens have been one of the most common chickens in America where they were developed using crosses of Java, Brahma, Cochin, and Dominique.  The dual-purpose chickens are among the sweetest breeds you will come across and are very friendly, where many owners claim they follow them around […]

How to store your chickens eggs

Introduction After Collecting eggs from your backyard or homestead, the next step is storing them. This is if you do not consume them immediately. Storing chicken eggs in the proper manner can help lengthen the duration of the eggs. It prevents pathogens that can make you sick from getting into the eggs. Once your lovely […]

Collecting Eggs from Backyard Chickens

I love collecting eggs from the coop. This gives me satisfaction that keeping chicken is worth it. Our mutual benefit is worth the troubles of feeding, watering, and giving them shelter. Generally keeping happy, makes me happy.  In the beginning, I just used to collect eggs when I felt like it. I would forget once […]

Underweight Backyard Chicken and What to do

Chickens, like all other living things, have to be of a certain weight range so as to stay healthy. The recommended weight also helps in the maintenance of bodily functions such as egg-laying. If a chicken is underweight, its bodily will not function well. If not dealt with this will lead to severe consequences.  What […]

How Many Nest Boxes Do You Need?

One of the requirements when keeping poultry is a nest box. I started without nest boxes.  My hens used to lay eggs anywhere they thought was convenient. This led to having soiled eggs since sometimes they would lay them on their droppings.  Some eggs would disappear under the litter. By the time I discovered them, […]

How to Use a Chicken Plucker. The Ultimate Guide

The tub-style pluckers offer major advantages over hand plucking or any other method of de-feathering a chicken or other birds.  If not used well, automated drum-style chicken pluckers will bruise your chicken meat, making it not have that great look of a clean plucked chicken.  In addition to ruining your meat, using an automated chicken […]

How to get rid of fleas from chickens

In my second year of keeping chickens, I noticed dark “spots” on their combs and wattles. At first, I assumed it was mud. It was a rainy season, and I let the chickens roam around once in a while. It must be mud, I tried to convince myself.  After a few days, the spots increased […]

Why are chicken eggshells different colors

There is no better way for a backyard or homestead chicken keeper to add color into their lives than having chickens that lay colored eggs. Think of your kids asking for green-shelled eggs today and tomorrow asking for the blue one.  Colored chicken eggs are fascinating and one is left to wonder how chickens can […]

Orpington chicken breed and management information

The Orpington chicken breed is a large-sized bird developed in England in the late 1800s, by William Cook. Gentle and friendly the Orpington is available in 4 recognized varieties which are Buff Orpington, Blue Orpington, White Orpington, and Black Orpington.  Developed to be a dual-purpose chicken breed, the Orpington gains weight fast, has good egg […]

Why are my Cornish Cross Broiler Chickens Dying?

I keep batches of cornish cross broiler chickens throughout the year. One of the challenges I have faced is mortality. While I have not had cases where my entire flock was wiped out, I have had my share of losses.  Cornish Cross Broiler chickens will die mot many causes. These include overheating, heart attacks, diseases, […]

Sussex Chicken Breed Profile and Management Information

The Sussex chicken, originally bred in Sussex, Britain has become one of the most popular chickens for small backyard farms and homesteads. Initially bred to be a market chicken, for sale at the market, the Sussex chicken breed was known for fine table meat with its tender juicy flesh, white skin, feet, and legs.   Reared […]

Brahma Chicken Complete Breed Profile – Care, Size, Eggs, Weight

The Brahma originally named Brahmaputra (Brahmapootra) after a river in India, is an American Chicken Breed, developed from birds that had been imported from the Chinese port of Shanghai.  In the chickens giant hall of fame, the Brahma chickens sit up there, together with other giant breeds like the Jersy Giant,  with Brahma cockerels weighing […]

Do Cats and Chickens get Along?

I have lost chicks to cats. Not my cats but stray cats that come into my backyard looking for food.  My 2 cats live side by side with chickens. I got them used to be around chickens since they were kittens. Can cats and chickens live together? It is very possible for cats and chickens […]

Can you Keep Chickens with Dogs?

Dogs have been said to be man’s best friend and chickens are the cheapest provider of proteins to humanity. Dogs will offer companionship, protect people and their properties. Chickens are not only great companions but also provide eggs and meat. Can you keep chickens with dogs?  We have heard horrifying encounters between dogs and chickens. […]

Why are Backyard Chickens Dying?

Mortality in chickens can be heartbreaking for any chicken keeper. None of my backyard chickens died when I started keeping chickens. Until I decided to hatch my own eggs and scale up my flock.  We had traveled for the day. When got back in the evening, I did not check on the chicks. The next […]

Do Chickens Need a Rooster?

One of the most understood chickens is the rooster. They are seen as a nuisance by some people while others view them as an integral part of any flock.  A visiting friend once told me that I was doing zero work since I did not have a rooster. She went further and explained how I […]