Do chickens need light at night? Supplemental Lighting for chickens.

When I was constructing my chicken coop, I didn’t make any provision for artificial Lighting.  This is because I did not see the need at the time. Since it is time to install one, I am looking at the different discussions around the need for artificial lighting in the chicken coop.  The concept of supplemental […]

Get rid of rats and mice from your chicken coop.

Chicken coops can attract rats and mice because they offer shelter, food, water, and the perfect breeding ground. Whether the chickens and coop are yours or the neighbors,  prevention measures should be taken from the beginning. This is because is usually easier to prevent rats and mice from getting into the chicken coop than getting […]

Can my backyard chickens get salmonella?

Salmonella is a type of bacteria related to food poisoning in form of a disease called salmonellosis. It affects the intestinal tract of humans, chickens, and other poultry and mammals in general. According to a July 2010 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report, humans can become infected with the Salmonella bacteria after eating […]

Backyard Chicken Processing Equipment

I have been processing my own chickens for a while now. Along the way, I have learned that to make the process easy for you and your chickens, it is good to have the right chicken processing equipment.   This will not only make the butchering process shorter but also leave you with some energy to […]

Stinky chicken coop and how to keep your coop and run smelling fresh

All around the world, every animal keeper has to deal with the smell of animal droppings. Chicken being no exception, can generate a whole lot of awful smells that might even land you in trouble with your neighbors. You do not have to struggle to hold your breath every time you enter a stinky chicken […]

Choosing the right type of chicken fencing. A detailed guide.

Choosing the right type of chicken fencing can be a matter of life and death for your chickens. The type of chicken fence selected should be able to serve the purpose of protecting your chicken, while at the same time controlling their movements.  Sometimes a combination of different chicken fencing materials is used, taking advantage […]

Wyandotte Chickens Breed and management Information

The Wyandotte is an American chicken breed that is reared by homesteaders and backyard flock keepers for its yellow-skinned meat and brown eggs. Bred to be dual purpose, the Wyandotte chicken breed was to solve a particular issue. Back then, there existed no breed that could produce meat and eggs well. The chicken breeds that […]

Jersey Giant Chicken Breed Details and Management Information

The Jersey Giant, as the name suggests is one of the largest chicken breeds in the world. When you encounter one, you will probably never forget it.  Though the popularity had gone down, due to its poor feed-to-weight conversion ratio, the Jersey Giant is becoming popular among backyard poultry keepers.  The poor feed-to-weight conversion ratio […]

Cornish Chickens Profile and Management Information

The Cornish chickens breed, previously referred to as the Indian game is an impressive chicken breed that has been used to develop most of the present meat chickens, including the popular Cornish Cross.  Muscular, broad, Widely spaced legs with a large diameter, the cornish chicken was bred for one purpose only; war. It was meant […]