Finding Dark Cornish Roosters in Oregon: Tips and Resources.

As a chicken enthusiast living in Oregon, I am always on the lookout for good places to purchase high-quality birds. Recently, I’ve been searching for Dark Cornish roosters to add to my flock. After some research and networking, I’ve discovered some great resources for finding these birds in Oregon.

Where to Find Dark Cornish Roosters in Oregon

Local Breeders

The first place to check for Dark Cornish roosters is local breeders. Oregon is home to many small-scale chicken breeders who specialize in heritage breeds like the Dark Cornish. These breeders typically have a passion for raising healthy, high-quality birds, and are often more than happy to share their knowledge and expertise with others. To find local breeders, consider joining online forums or Facebook groups dedicated to chicken breeding or farming in Oregon. You can also reach out to your local poultry club or 4-H chapter for recommendations.

Agricultural Fairs

Another great place to find Dark Cornish roosters is at agricultural fairs and exhibitions. These events typically feature a wide range of animals, including chickens of all breeds. Many breeders will bring their birds to these events to showcase their breeding programs and offer them for sale. Some popular agricultural fairs in Oregon include the Oregon State Fair, the Clackamas County Fair, and the Linn County Fair.

Online Hatcheries

If you’re unable to find Dark Cornish roosters locally, you can also consider purchasing them from online hatcheries. These hatcheries specialize in shipping live birds across the country and offer a wide range of breeds, including the Dark Cornish. Some popular online hatcheries for chicken enthusiasts in Oregon include McMurray Hatchery and Cackle Hatchery.

Tips for Choosing Dark Cornish Roosters

Once you’ve found a source for Dark Cornish roosters, it’s important to choose the right birds for your flock. Here are some tips for selecting healthy, high-quality birds:

  1. Look for birds that are alert and active. Healthy birds should be moving around, eating, and drinking normally.
  2. Check the birds’ feathers for any signs of damage or illness. Feathers should be clean, smooth, and free of any bald patches or discoloration.
  3. Observe the birds’ behavior. Ideally, you want roosters that are confident and assertive but not overly aggressive. Look for birds that are engaging with their environment and interacting with other chickens in a healthy way.

Introducing Dark Cornish Roosters to Your Flock

Introducing new birds to your existing flock can be a delicate process, but with the right approach, it can be done successfully. Here are some tips for introducing Dark Cornish roosters to your flock of hens:

  1. Quarantine the new birds. Before introducing your new Dark Cornish roosters to your flock, it’s important to quarantine them for at least two weeks. This will help prevent the spread of any diseases or illnesses that the new birds may be carrying.
  2. Introduce the birds gradually. When it’s time to introduce the new birds to your flock, do so gradually. Start by placing the new birds in a separate pen or enclosure within your existing coop or run. This will allow your birds to become familiar with each other’s presence without risking any physical altercations.
  3. Monitor the birds closely. As you introduce the new birds, monitor their behavior closely for any signs of aggression or bullying. If necessary, separate birds that are showing aggressive behavior and try again later.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are Dark Cornish roosters? Dark Cornish roosters are a breed of chicken that are known for their muscular build and deep, rich coloring. They have a reputation for being hardy birds that are good for meat production, and they are also valued for their unique appearance.
  2. Why are Dark Cornish roosters difficult to find in Oregon? Dark Cornish roosters are not as commonly bred as some other breeds of chickens, so they may be harder to find in some areas. Additionally, Oregon has a relatively small poultry community compared to some other states, which can make it more difficult to locate specific breeds.
  3. Where can I find Dark Cornish roosters in Oregon? There are several options for finding Dark Cornish roosters in Oregon, including checking with local breeders, feed stores, and hatcheries. You may also want to attend poultry shows or auctions in your area to see if any vendors are selling Dark Cornish roosters.
  4. Can I order Dark Cornish roosters online? Yes, it is possible to order Dark Cornish roosters online from reputable hatcheries. Some popular hatcheries that offer Dark Cornish roosters include Murray McMurray Hatchery, Cackle Hatchery, and Meyer Hatchery.
  5. How do I know if a hatchery is reputable? When ordering from a hatchery online, it’s important to read reviews and do your research on the hatchery to ensure they have a good reputation and provide quality birds. You can also check if they have any certifications or memberships with poultry organizations, which can be a sign of their commitment to raising healthy and high-quality birds.
  6. What should I consider before bringing in a Dark Cornish rooster? Before adding any rooster to your flock, it’s important to consider factors such as the size of your coop, the temperament of your other chickens, and any local regulations or restrictions on roosters. Dark Cornish roosters are known for their assertive personalities, so it’s important to ensure they will be a good fit with your existing flock.


Finding Dark Cornish roosters in Oregon may take some effort, but there are several options available to you. Checking with local breeders, feed stores, and hatcheries is a good starting point, and attending poultry shows or auctions can also be helpful. If you’re unable to find a local source, ordering online from a reputable hatchery is another viable option. With some patience and persistence, you’ll be able to add Dark Cornish roosters to your flock and enjoy their unique qualities and characteristics.

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