Which is Better – Metal Feeders or Plastic Feeders?

Which is Better – Metal Feeders or Plastic Feeders?

Chicken feeders vary in price, size, shape, and material used to make them. Understanding which material is best for a feeder is very important. The article is meant to compare galvanized metal and plastic sheet materials and to find out which one can best be used when making the chicken feeder.

Galvanized Metal Feeders Versus Plastic Feeders

When it comes to feeding your chicken you might be at a fix in deciding which chicken feeder to use. What material it should the feeder be made of. . You might ask: are galvanized metal feeders better than plastic feeders? Plastic feeders are more popular than galvanized metal feeders because they have more advantages than outweigh disadvantages. This does not mean that there is no room for galvanized metal feeders. Depending on the setup and environment, galvanized metal feeders might work better than plastic feeders

Advantages of Plastic Feeders

Many poultry keepers choose plastic feeders for various reasons such as their durability, inexpensiveness, fit for all seasons, ease of cleaning, lightweight among other reasons not found in the galvanized steel feeders.

Plastic Feeders do not Form a Lead Coat

A coat of lead,  formed on a feeder is very dangerous to chickens if ingested. Plastic sheet feeders are better than galvanized steel containers because they do not form a ‘stubborn’ coat like the galvanized metal feeders and hence plastic feeders remain strong and durable. Galvanized metal feeders on the other hand are at risk of forming a lead coat which makes the container to stain faster.

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